Award Recipients

Summary of Awards of Excellence winners over the years:


Leadership: Uzoma Asagwara
Clinical: Wendy Bancescu


Leadership: Debbie Frechette
Leadership: Jacqueline Williams
Clinical: Carma-Jean Byczkowski
Clinical: Marianne Curran
Clinical: Connie Holmlund
Clinical: Denise Thomas


Clinical:  Laurie Shorting
Clinical:  Rhonda Martin
Clinical:  Sheree Warburton
Leadership:  Beverly Moore
Leadership:  Tracy Thiele
Research:   Karen Clements
Education: Cathy Demas


Clinical: Arlis Decorte
Leadership: Jodine Szabo
Clinical: Maria Bonifacio Le
Clinical: Daryle Duke
Research: Amber Gilberto


Arlene MacLennan – Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Leadership
Mary Beth Dunning – Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Practice
Katherine Pachkowski – Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Education
Pamela Carlyle – Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Education


Chelsea Donogh, Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Leadership
Betty Wedgewood, Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Education
Jacqueline Pentney, Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Education
Judy Judd, Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Clinical


Tina Curtis, Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Clinical
Kathy Foley, Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Educational
Ainsley Hebert, Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Clinical
Shannon Morrow Stritz, Psychiatric Nursing Practice – Clinical
Melanie Ogden, Psychiatric Nursing – Leadership


Patrick Griffith, RPN, BN, MA – Leadership
Bev Gradidge, RPN, BScMH – Clinical Practice
Isabelle Jarrin, RPN, MN – Education
Laura Henry, RPN, RPNC Award


Wendy Dryburgh, RPN – Leadership
Richard Zwiep, RPN – Practice
Karen Doty-Sweetnam, RPN, MA – Education
Special Volunteer Recognition: Jennifer Adair, RPN; Pamela Kachur, RPN; Larissa Medwid, RPN


Laura Panteluk, RPN – Leadership
Karen Burgess, RPN – Practice
Mary Beth Dunning, RPN – Practice
Mallory Schmitz, RPN – Education
Deborah Handziuk – Special Contribution
Brian Bjorkland & Myrna Mitchell – Volunteer Appreciation


Annette Byblow, RPN – Leadership
Dorthea Davis, RPN – Practice
Kitty Buckboro, RPN – Education
Debra Melanson, RPN – Education
Richard Stefanyshyn, LLB – Special Contribution
Renée Robinson, RPN, PhD – RPNC Award

Special 50th Anniversary Award
The Faculty of the Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing Program


Dawn Bollman, RPN, BScMH – Leadership
Debra George, RPN – Practice
Gerry Smit, RPN – Practice
Bill Ashdown – Volunteer Appreciation


Elizabeth (Betty) Hooke, RPN – Leadership
Doris Lagiewka, RPN – Research
Grant Major, RPN, BA – Practice
Lawrence McInnes, Q.C. – Volunteer Appreciation
Marg Synyshyn, RPN, BHSc (Psych Nsg) RPNC Award


Mary Fuhr, RPN, BScPN – Practice
Garry Mitchell, RPN – Practice
Barbara Martens, RPN – Leadership
Kim Ryan-Nicholls, RPN, RN, BN, MDE, PHD(C) – Education
Judy Judd, RPN – Volunteer Appreciation
Pat Searle, RPN – Volunteer Appreciation


Pat Jamieson, RPN – Practice
Shelley Price, RPN – Education
Bonny Wynnobel, RPN – Leadership
Continuing Competence Committee – Volunteer Appreciation
Marlene Fitzsimmons, RPN, RPNC Award


Elaine Morris, RPN – Practice
Lynda Stiles, RPN, BScMH – Leadership
Peggy Larson, RPN – Leadership
Kristen Kroeker, B.Comm. – Volunteer Appreciation


Lynn Luining, RPN – Practice
Heather Sellings, RPN – Practice
Philip Horkey, RPN, BScMH – Leadership
Jocelyn Meroniuk-Vezey, RPN – Leadership
Jane Tully, RPN – Education
Annette Osted, RPN , RPNC Award


Tracey Anderson, RPN – Practice
Marjorie Gazan, RPN, MSW – Research
Lois Patterson, RPN – Leadership
Beverley Barringer, Volunteer Appreciation
Elaine Stevenson & Phyllis Lightfoot for Advocacy


Deborah Lee, RPN – Practice
Patti McCann, RPN, RN, BScN – Education
Chris Summerville for Advocacy


Cheryl Chorneyko, RPN, MA – Practice
Lynda Stiles, RPN, BScMH – Administration


Karen Clements, RPN, BA, MA – Education
Noreen Ek, RPN, BA, MA, PhD – Research
Melody Foster, RPN – Practice
Darlene Henry, RPN, RN – Leadership

Special 40th Anniversary Awards
Marlene Fitzsimmons
Philip Horkey
Annette Osted


Marlene Brichon, RPN, RN, BA – Education
Joseph Glasgow, RPN – Practice
Renee Robinson, RPN, BScMH, MA, PhD – Research
Debra Wikstrom, RPN – Leadership


Cheryl Adams, RPN – Leadership
Jeanette Warren, RPN, BScMH – Practice