Awards of Excellence

Purpose of the Awards

The Awards of Excellence in Psychiatric Nursing Practice are presented to Registered Psychiatric Nurses in Manitoba to acknowledge contributions of RPNs to the profession within the four domains of psychiatric nursing practice; to provide public recognition of the professionalism and practice excellence that enhances the profession of Psychiatric Nursing.

Intent of the Awards

  • To acknowledge contributions of psychiatric nurses to the profession within specific areas of practice.
  • To provide public recognition that will enhance the image of the psychiatric nurse and the profession.
  • To increase public awareness of services and contributions made by psychiatric nurses.

Nomination Process

Nominations for Awards of Excellence are accepted at any time throughout the year. Awards are presented annually, with each year’s deadline being March 31st. The recipient must be an RPN practicing in Manitoba; two nominators are required. A committee appointed by the RPNF Board of Directors will review all nominations and present recommendations to the RPNF Board for approval.