RPNF Scholarships applications will be accepted until January 15, 2019 and are to be completed on the RPNF website. No Late applications will be considered.

Applicants will be notified of the results by April and the Scholarships will be awarded at the May 2019 Awards Reception.

  • Financial need is NOT considered in the criteria;
  • 3 scholarships are currently available nationally (Crawford, Osted, and McCormick/Henry);
  • 4 provincial scholarships are available within Manitoba (Kelly, Barnett, Armstrong and Fitzsimmons);
  • 3 are undergrad scholarships (Osted, Kellie, and Armstrong);
  • The undergraduate awards are limited to students preparing to become Registered Psychiatric Nurses in an approved 4 year undergraduate psychiatric nursing degree program;
  • 3 graduate awards are available to RPNs who are pursuing a Masters or PhD (Crawford, Barnett, & McCormick/Henry);
  • 2 awards may be used by RPNs for continued certificate studies (Fitzsimmons, and McCormick/Henry);
  • 1 award is reserved for continuing studies in the area of Seniors Mental Health (McCormick/Henry)
  • 1 award can be used to support an RPN who is presenting or has presented a paper at a conference (Fitzsimmons)

APPLY HERE for the National Scholarships.

APPLY HERE for the Manitoba Scholarships.