Did you know the RPNF Board has a number of committees working to further our goals? Here’s what they are and how to contact them:

Awards Committee
Calls for, receives and reviews nominations for Excellence in Psychiatric Nursing Practice Awards.
Email: awards@rpnf.ca

Communication Committee
Monitors and updates all written promotional materials as well as the RPNF website.
Email: info@rpnf.ca

Executive Committee
Meets for urgent business in between board meetings.
Email: info@rpnf.ca

Fundraising Committee
Plans for and coordinates fundraising processes and activities.
Email: info@rpnf.ca

Scholarship Committee – Manitoba
Calls for, receives and reviews applications for the Kay Armstrong, Alf Barnett, John Kellie and Marlene Fitzsimmons Scholarships.
Email: scholarship@rpnf.ca

Scholarship Committee – National
Calls for, receives and reviews applications for the national John Crawford, Annette Thorimbert Osted, and McCormick–Henry scholarships.
Email: scholarship@rpnf.ca