Did you know…

…that to be registered as a charity, an organization’s purposes must fall within one or more of the following four categories of charity:

  • relief of poverty
  • advancement of education
  • advancement of religion
  • certain other purposes that benefit the community in a way the courts have said is charitable

­­­­ The RPNF’s mission is to promote excellence in psychiatric nursing education, clinical practice, leadership and research

The RPNF Board…

…must comply with several requirements in order to maintain the charitable status under the Income Tax Act. The Board of Directors will ensure that:

  • Charitable registration is maintained
  • Only allowable activities are engaged in
  • Adequate books and records are maintained
  • Complete and accurate donation receipts are issued
  • Disbursement quotas to qualified donees are met
  • annual information return with Canada Revenue Act (CRA) is filed
  • The legal status as a charity is maintained
  • Any changes in mode of operation or legal structure are reported
  • GST and other obligations and entitlements are met
  • Illegal or terrorist activity is avoided