The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Foundation will be held at the Inn at the Forks in Winnipeg on May 14.  The meeting will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba. The RPNF AGM will be held at 1515 hours, and the CRPNM Annual meeting will begin at 1545 hours. There will be a speaker at 1615 hours (Amber Gilberto). The  RPNF Reception with the presentation of Scholarships and Awards of Excellence in Psychiatric Nursing Practice will start at 1730  hours. A new scholarship will also be announced!

This is an ELECTION YEAR for the Foundation.  Please let the Nominations Committee know if you are interested in letting your name stand for election to the Board of Directors of the RPNF.  If you are interested, please forward your indication of interest and a summary of your resume to the Nominations Committee at